“Ophelia’s Song – EP” Announcements

Announcement #1: TRACK LISTING is here:

Track 1 – Dear Danny (S.W.A.K.)

Track 2 – Means to an End

Track 3 – Election Day in New York City

Track 4 – 10,000 Times

Track 5 – Ophelia’s Song

Announcement #2:  DRUMS / GUITAR / BASS overdubs are scheduled!

Announcement #3: COVER ART designs are underway!

…stay tuned for previews and more information!


Original Album, “Ophelia’s Song – EP,” will be released this summer!

I am in production to release an EP of original songs by the end of the summer. Vocal, piano, and string tracking are done; drums + bass + guitar will be added by the end of the month.

Thrilled to be working with Michael Harmon at Studio Crash on this project, and with a great team of musicians. Songs feature all original music, arrangements, piano/keys/vocals by me; and original lyrics by me (plus one song each featuring lyrics by Harry Van Sciver and Hannah Van Sciver).

Track listing TBA! Stay tuned for more updates. The album wil be:

  • available digitally on iTunes, Amazon, Facebook, CD Baby…
  • available (physical CD copy) directly from me…
  • playable on Spotify, Rhapsody… and…
  • released by the end of the summer.