Sarah Van Sciver is a pianist, harpist, and vocalist. Working as a composer, arranger, performer, lyricist, film scorer, sound designer, musical director, teacher, and studio musician, Sarah creates and collaborates for projects and ensembles throughout the United States and all over the globe. She is currently in production for her debut LP, and has released three EPs to date – of original songwriting (Puzzle Pieces and Ophelia’s Song) and film music (Overture to an Adventure). Other recent and upcoming projects include a chamber opera, a movie musical (lyrics and music), a modern song cycle, a twisted romance film (score), a rock opera, and animated short films (song as score). A graduate of the Performer-Composer MFA program at the California Institute of the Arts, she earned a B.A. in Music with Honors from the University of Pennsylvania and a Professional Certificate from the Berklee School of Music. 

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Puzzle Pieces album cover  FRONT COVER OVERTURE.png    Front Cover - Ophelia's Song - EP

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