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2023: Illustrate Magazine, Girondines
2023: Operaville, Girondines
2023: Classical Singer Magazine, Girondines
2022: Operawire Interviews, Girondines
2022: Broadway World, Girondines
2022: 24700, Girondines
2022: NewMusicUSA, Girondines
2022: Wilmington Concert Opera, Girondines Q&A
2022: Operawire, Girondines
2018: AnimationWORLD Magazine Annecy: Music in Animation
2016: Broad Street Review, Shadow House
2016: Phindie, Shadow House
2016: Broad Street Review, the Magnus Effect
2016: DC Metro Theater Arts, the Magnus Effect
2015: My City Paper, Fifty Days at Iliam
2015: Phindie, Fifty Days at Iliam
2015: SongDoor, International Songwriting Competition Honorable Mention for Burn, Eleanor, Ever After, Oak Leaf, Puzzle Pieces, and Reverb Radio
2015: American Songwriter, Lyric Contest Honorable Mention for Election Day in New York City
2015: Songwriters Association of Washington, 32nd Annual Mid-Atlantic Song Contest Honorable Mention for Election Day in New York City
2014: Cape Cod Art
2013: the Barnstable Patriot
2013: Song of the Year Song and Lyric Writing Competition 2013
2012: Notes on the Arts
2011: the Daily Pennsylvanian
2010: the Daily Pennsylvanian
2010: Musiqology
2009: the Daily Pennsylvanian
2009: Cape Cod Academy
2009: Cape Cod Times