Dischord Retrospective: Four Years of A Cappella at Penn

Graduating, soon, I have been thinking a lot about my time at Penn, specifically acting as an arranger, conductor, music director, soprano/mezzo, studio producer, and board member of Dischord A Cappella. Dischord is a co-ed group that was founded at the University of Pennsylvania back in 1998. The group performs a cappella covers spanning all genres – pop, indie, rock, country, jazz, folk, world, and fusion. Under my direction, the group has featured many mash-ups and medleys in its covers.

You can read a full account of my arranging credits for the group, here: Sarah Van Sciver, ’13, Soprano

Solo performances at our semesterly concerts:

I am an arranger for hire! Professional or non-professional vocal groups of all experience levels — all-male, all-female, or co-ed — contact me if you are interested in having something arranged.


New Piano/Vocal Pop Arrangement: Regina Spektor’s “Blue Lips”

Cover features piano, lead soprano + backing trio (soprano, mezzo, alto)…

–> check out the cover:

 [I’m singing and playing all parts.]

…and of course check out the original Regina Spektor is AMAZING. Saw her in concert last year in Boston at the Orpheum, and she and her husband and both of their bands were fantastic live!