July Newsletter

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Hey there,

Several exciting projects and events to share… if you’ll be in LA or Philly for them, hope to see you there! Always seeking creative collaborators, so please send them my way! And feel free to drop a line through the link at the bottom of the page. Enjoy the rest of your summer days!





It is such a pleasure working with Born Lucky Studios (Emily Gallagher & Austin Elston), whose newest film Strange As Angels features original score and sound by yours truly. The half-hour film, which Emily aptly describes as “David Lynchian,” stars Emilie Krause, Kate Raines, and Alex Bechtel. You’re invited to join me and the creative team behind the film for an evening of screenings at L’Etage in Philadelphia on August 15th– hope to see you there! The event is open to the public, and you can RSVP (free), here. Check out additional score and sound productions on my film page.



Among the musical theatre projects on which I am hard at work is a fantasy adventure, “Peter and Iona,” chock-full of magic, music, mystery, romance, and rebellion. Writers Patrick W. Phillips & Sara Elizabeth Woodard are responsible for its sensational script while I pen its lyrics and music for a charming cast of characters. Below are two live acoustic demo recordings of the show’s songs, with a new song added since the last newsletter. The added track is the show’s “Opening Narration.” Stay tuned for more demos and additional announcements coming soon! They will be posted alongside other theatre projects on my music for the stage page. Learn more about the project and its team, here.



You’re invited to join me for a workshop as copyright is defined, demonstrated, and discussed in the context of creating, protecting, and respecting original works of art in all mediums. Explore step-by-step registration instructions and discover answers to questions like:

  • how do copyrights work?
  • can copyrights protect my art and my ideas?
  • what do I do if my art was created collaboratively?
  • how much do copyrights cost?
  • what about “fair use” or mailing my art to myself and leaving it sealed?

I’m thrilled to have this workshop at Thymele Arts, launched by fellow CalArts alumnus John Henningsen. Thymele offers collaborative workspaces for LA artists, designers and arts managers; it is a membership-driven live event community that provides members access to rehearsal rooms, meeting space, private desks, studios, and event space for the development of new work. Refreshments will be provided at the talk. RSVP (free), here.

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