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Hey there!

Many songs, scores, and sounds to share, spanning the screen and stage. Always seeking creative collaborators, so please send them my way! Would love to hear your thoughts – you can click the contact link at the bottom of the page. Hope that you enjoy and have a lovely day.





It is with great pride and excitement that I unveil two new short film collaborations, “Max” by Minkyu Kwak and “Grim” by Torey Bangi. Minkyu is a current student at the California Institute of the Arts, and Torey graduated last year from the Laguna College of Art and Design. “Max” follows an unexpected afternoon in the life of a humorous horse with handsome hand-drawn animation, and “Grim” trick-or-treats through a haunted Halloween evening in a charming town created with stunning stop-motion. As music composer for both shorts and sound creator for Minkyu’s film, I hope you enjoy watching these and others on my film-scoring page.



Among the musical theatre projects on which I am hard at work is a fantasy adventure, “Peter and Iona,” chock-full of magic, music, mystery, romance, and rebellion. Writers Patrick W. Phillips & Sara Elizabeth Woodard are responsible for its sensational script while I pen its lyrics and music for a charming cast of characters. Below is a live acoustic demo recording of me singing one of the show’s song, “Magic,” as well as our official poster. Stay tuned for more demos and additional announcements coming soon! They will be posted alongside other theatre projects on my music for the stage page. Learn more about the project and its team, here.


This spring, I was lucky to perform in three concerts by friends at the Herb Alpert School of Music at CalArts: Maryam Mirbagheri, Jaron Crespi, and Alysha Aurora. For Maryam’s concert which stitched together songs and stories, I sang backups for Maryama Band as we performed her original jazz music ‘with a hint of Persian spice;’ for Jaron’s interdisciplinary show “Ancient Fire Seed,” a storytelling odyssey traversing multiple genres, moods, and instrumentations, I sang in his chorus among the backing band, a funky world/rock fusion chamber orchestra; for Alysha’s original opera theatre work “the Midnite Theater,” I played harp alongside the program’s composer-pianist Diana Cioffari as singer-narrator Alysha guided the audience through dark reinterpretations of classic fairytales. Watch these and other shows on my performer page.

Maryam Mirbagheri – Recital ~ Begin at 1:00.

Jaron Crespi – Recital ~ Begin at 1:16:00.

Alysha Aurora – Recital ~ Begin at 1:12:00

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