I recently recorded/co-arranged harp for Blue Lenex, an amazing a cappella-rooted pop/soul/rock/jazzy/awesome band. Three girls: singers/beat-boxer/instruments –> it’s a fresh, fun sound.

blue lenex

Their debut album “Empty Teacups” just came out, so please give it a listen!

*Get the album on Bandcamp

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*Subscribe to Blue Lenex on YouTube

*Check out their Tumblr

One thought on “Check out Blue Lenex’s Debut Album!

  1. Sarah, Hi! I am enjoying “For Now” and wondering if I could use it in a music-video style filmlet for internal use at CCA (not posted anywhere). Just for a morning break. I have footage of different things including Hamlet by 10th graders which would go well as well as soccer with falling leaves, etc. Talk soon, Ben Ayres

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