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  1. Sarah is highly organized, talented and efficient. I needed an arrangement and she delivered it in a timely manner and was a pleasure to deal with. Will be definitely using her for future arrangements

  2. Sarah is a really creative & talented musician. She composed the music for our children’s learning app. She’s great to work with. She’s not only great at what she does, but was also quick at turning things around.

  3. Privilege recording “Ophelia’s Song” with Sarah – first of all, they are absolutely beautiful songs. She is a stunning & sophisticated singer, a good pianist, and also a great arranger. Nice touch on the board too. And she leaves lots of room for creativity in the session – she is very open-minded ~Bam Bam~

  4. I needed a musical arrangement last-minute for my wedding ceremony. I contacted Sarah and received an expertly constructed musical piece tailored to the musicians I would have present. When I saw how well it was put together, I asked Sarah to complete another and she came through for me a second time extremely quickly. Sarah is talented, professional, and efficient. I recommend her to anyone in need of a musical arrangement. She will come through for you.

  5. I worked with Sarah on a video production for my Video I class at the University of Pennsylvania and not only was she a pleasure to work with during the production of the film, she also spent an extra night scoring the movie from start to finish. She was very easy to work with and made all of our lives much easier!

  6. To say that Sarah is talented is an extreme understatement. I was shocked when I found that she has perfect pitch. In addition to her immense talent and knack/love for music is her hard-work. She is always one to be up at all hours arranging, composing, revising, creating. Music is her life and I hope she continues to have opportunities to share and create music with others.

  7. I worked with Sarah on several theatre productions at the University of Pennsylvania and enjoyed every one of them. The one show where I had the chance to work most closely with her was “Schoolhouse Rock Live!”; I was a cast member and she was our fearless music director.

    Sarah has an incredibly collaborative style which makes working with her both fun and rewarding. Between her innate talent for music and her sweet and energetic personality, the rehearsal room was a fun and productive place to be. With 18 songs to learn, we had our work cut out for us, but Sarah kept us on schedule with a healthy blend of reviewing previous material and learning new songs. She was also incredibly flexible with changing keys or arrangements to make her actors comfortable.

    All in all, I’ve never had a more positive experience with a musical and that show holds a very special place in my heart, largely thanks to the hard work and talent of Sarah.

  8. I got to work with Sarah on two shows, “James and the Giant Peach” and “Robin Hood” and I would have to say that she was amazing to work with. She was always available and did more than what her job title entailed, not to mention she always brought baked goods! She was a great leader and mentor especially in my first show and as a freshman. I knew she was always someone I could go to if I need help getting something done or had any sort of question. Basically, she is a great leader, artist, organizer, and friend!

  9. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Sarah. No task is too challenging for her to handle, and she handles all obligations with grace and ease. When I worked with her as the director of Schoolhouse Rock Live, I was truly amazed at her ability to keep our cast motivated and work beyond what was required of her to complete her tasks. Sarah is a rare blend of talent, kindness, humility, and optimism, and I know that she will go very far in her musical career. I wish her nothing but the greatest of success.

  10. I got a chance to work with Sarah on ‘A Year With Frog and Toad’. As a set designer, she is one of the directors I have most loved working with. She always seems to come to rehersals and production meetings with alot of energy and focus. She also had a very clear vision for what she wanted the show to look like and was able to answer all of my questions in the first meeting. Most of all though, I enjoyed working with Sarah because she gave great feedback on all of my designs, highlighting both the elements she liked and the things that could be improved on. Her clear direction made it easy (and fun!) to design a set that captured all the whimsical chacteristics of the show.

  11. Sarah music directed for me when I directed Little Shop of Horrors. She was beyond fabulous – making the music and actors sound stunning while contributing good energy to the show and keeping everyone’s morale way up!

  12. Sarah is incredible to work with. Very friendly, very calm and collected, and truly brilliant at her work. She brings a special presence to the rehearsal room as a director, and brings out the best in everybody.

    As director of “A year with frog and toad”, Sarah has managed to create an atmosphere that is friendly, lively and productive. This production was my first time working as a stage manager, and it is thanks to Sarah’s leadership that I have not been completely lost. As an extremely talented musician herself, she understands the creative process better than many others do, and is able to imbibe her own creativity in everyone else. I always admire how she can shrug off whatever stress she’s been carrying from the day, come into the rehearsal room, and put in four more hours of work with a smile. I feel fortunate to have worked with Sarah, and I hope to get the chance to do so again in the future.

  13. I have never met anybody as passionate about music as Sarah. I have spent four years with her in Dischord A Cappella, and in her time as Music Director, she has gone above and beyond in her willingness to meet outside of rehearsal, help members arrange songs, etc. One semester, I think she helped with, if not arranged entirely, 15 of the 17 songs we performed. She’s great!

  14. I produced Schoolhouse Rock, Live! with Sarah van Sciver as my music director. We cast the show with an eye to the personality of the actors, which left 2 male roles with female voices and several actors whose voice ranges did not match their written songs. Sarah transposed the score faster than our actors could learn the songs. It was truly a pleasure to work with such a talented individual who could enhance the creative vision of the show while making my job easy. I have had the benefit of working with her many times since. Her passion and energy never ceases to impress, and she is a joy to know.

  15. Sarah is an awesome music director- she is able to conduct and give great feedback. She is responsible for basically all of the arranging and has unique ideas when it comes to any song.

  16. Sarah is an amazing composer and arranger. She’s so fun to work with and really takes everything into consideration. She’s a total pro!

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  18. When it comes to music….Sarah can write it, arrange it, orchestrate it, play it, sing it, direct it, conduct it, produce it or sell it. Very musical, very organized, very talented, and very enthusiastic. And no big ego – very REFRESHING!

  19. Sarah is one of the most talented musicians I have ever met. In addition to her incredibly sincerity and honesty, she is a wonderful performer, excelling in everything she does. It’s been an honor and a pleasure to know her and work with her, and I cannot wait to see what wonderful things she is able to create.

  20. I had the pleasure of working with Sarah in Dischord A Cappella at the University of Pennsylvania, not only as a general member, but in the close professional relationship of president to music director. Her hardworking, dedicated, warm personality shines through in every endeavor she undertakes. Her outstanding musical talent is rivaled only by her eagerness to help others. She is a wonderful asset to any musical production or organization, and even after graduating, I am continuously inspired by the work that she does.

  21. I have worked with Sarah in several different pit orchestras, and her musicianship and professional work ethic are top-notch. We had to work together to take a varied keyboard part with numerous patches and translate it into something workable given the equipment we had, and she took care of everything efficiently and smoothly. I am indebted to her dedication and creativity, and the fact that she can do everything she does with a smile is truly inspirational!

  22. I have worked with Sarah on a number of occasions and in many different capacities. In our company’s production of Schoolhouse Rock, Live!, her acute talent and ability to communicate with a large group of ensemble members proved vital to the production. Sarah’s music directing ability is unrivaled, and not a day goes by without a smile on her face and a chipper comment to motivate the group and keep everyone on track. On the executive board for Stimulus Children’s Theatre Company, Sarah always brings fresh perspective and unique solutions to many of the challenges that arise. Overall, I cannot say enough good things about Sarah, and I look forward to working with her as many times as I can in the future.

  23. Sarah is one of the most genuine and talented people I know. I am constantly in awe of her ability to balance so many things at once and to do all of them so flawlessly. I have been to a couple of the concerts for her a capella group, Dischord, and the arrangements that she creates are amazing. Not only do they sound fantastic, but you can tell that the group has fun performing them. I have also been able to listen to some of the compositions that Sarah has written and they are beautiful. Personally, I have been fortunate enough to work with Sarah on several theatrical productions. No matter what her role is in a show, she takes her responsibilities so seriously and goes above and beyond what is required of her. Honestly, she makes the rest of us look bad, but we don’t mind because she is so sweet and humble about everything. Sarah is full of great and creative ideas and is a great collaborator. Beyond her many talents, she is just a genuinely great person. She is kind, generous, caring, and extremely dedicated and hard-working. Ultimately, Sarah is a great person to work with because of her incredible talent and her wonderful personality.

  24. Sarah shines as an a cappella group’s music director. Her dedication, musical aptitude, and rapport with others results in creative arrangements, a spirit of camaraderie, and wonderful music.

  25. Sarah is a truly amazing person to work with. As a director, she is able to set the bar at the highest level without creating a stressful environment. She tirelessly works to improve the work of our a cappella group and the theatre group that she is directing this semester. Whereas most students try to avoid adding to their work loads, Sarah is willing to take on extra work in order to improve the quality of a production.
    As a musician, I have been incredibly impressed by Sarah’s skills. Not only does she have perfect pitch, but she also has extraordinary musicianship skills and arranging skills. Although I had taken 7 years of vocal lessons, after joining her a cappella group I was able to add considerably to my skill set. Sarah is able to confidently teach pop music skills, belting, and other techniques that are generally difficult to explain. Her arrangements are impressive, challenging, and play to the skills of the vocalists for which she arranges. And perhaps even more impressively, she was able to take me from being unable to confidently read sheet music to being able to arrange my own music.
    Sarah is a joy. She has an immense amount of talent, yet is still a humble, generous, hard-working person. I hesitated to submit this because it sounds like an exaggeration, but I truly do not know what our music and theatre groups will do without her after she graduates.

  26. I was incredibly impressed with what Sarah was able to accomplish as the music director of her a cappella group. She arranged so many amazing songs for them, and worked tirelessly to perfect them. Her group puts on truly incredible performances of her music, and it’s all due to her ability to motivate the group members and to settle for nothing less than the best. When I told her that my a cappella group was looking around for some more music, she offered to arrange anything we wanted pro bono, simply because she truly enjoys working on new music. She listened to my feedback about the arrangement and designed it for the group’s needs, and the final result is fantastic, and took an unbelievably short amount of time to complete. We will definitely be consulting Sarah again for our group and its music.

  27. Sarah is such a talent. Her ability to create music on the fly is phenomenal. I remember once we were doing a 24-hour theatre festival together where we both wrote a one-act, and she decided to do a musical. Yes, she wrote a one-act musical that she then helped rehearse the actors for and put up on stage in 24 hours. She has a natural gift for composing. Perhaps her best talent is reading exactly what you want – it’s hard to understand the exact aesthetic a director is going for, but I’ve worked with Sarah several times and she’s always able to understand exactly what the director is going for, both in music and out of it. She’s simply amazing.

  28. Sarah is not only great at what she does, but she gets her work done quickly and without complaints. It was incredible watching her arrange/compose. She gets so much done in one night! It’s incredible!

    She is so sweet and easy to work with, and her ideas and work are always top-of-the-line. What an amazing person to watch work and a blessing to work with!

  29. Sarah is an amazing musician. With her perfect pitch and professional attitude it’s been amazing working with her. Actually, she’s been such a big help I don’t know what I would do without her!

  30. Sarah is an extremely creative, talented, and hard-working musician! She is a great arranger, organizer, and leader, especially when it comes to a capella music!

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