IMDB (the Internet Movie Database)

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Check out this new film,

“Imagined Warfare”

“After a group of friends erupt into an epic ‘imaginary gun fight’, tensions rise as the remaining four must unite to battle an unstoppable force that intervenes…”
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…a Binary Sun Productions film by Ari Fishbein and Ivan Moutinho…
…featuring original music by Sarah Van Sciver…

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>> check out more from Binary Sun Productions on YouTube <<


film background

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All Original Music and Recordings ©℗ SARAH VAN SCIVER.

4 thoughts on “I am on IMDB!

  1. gotta say I really loved it! the idea of the movie, the execution of it (no pun intended) and the score fits beautifully.
    It’s a great start.

  2. Sarah!

    Well you are not in the process anymore…you’ve arrived!!! Congrats. Leona

    P.S. Had dinner with Maggie, Harry and Meriah Sunday eve ( and Marcy and Gene)…Lots of talk about you!!! So glad you are happy out there. Love, Leona

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