Last week, the music of “Ophelia’s Song” was extremely popular with Jango Internet Radio listeners. As a result, I received a PopScore of 99 on RadioAirplay and made it to their top ten list of Jango artists.

Front Cover - Ophelia's Song - EP

Thank you to all of the internet radio users out there who made this happen! Very excited to see my music reach people all around the world through internet radio and glad that so many are enjoying it.

…Check out Radio Airplay’s blogpost about it… 

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…learn more about PopScore and RadioAirplay…




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Ophelia’s Song Preview Video * Overture to an Adventure Preview Video * Ophelia’s Song Lyrics & Credits * Overture to an Adventure Credits Order CDs * Book a Gig * Download my Mobile App * Additional Links

All Original Music and Recordings ©℗ SARAH VAN SCIVER.

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