The app “SmartyPAL-A Gift” was submitted to the Kapi Awards run by Children’s Technology Review – a top, influential publication.

The final winners will be announced in December. We’re currently in the TOP 10.

kapi award

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The kids’ learning app, ZooPAL-A Gift, launched on August 5th and is available for the iPad in the App store! It is a personalized, interactive story in which your child solves a series of tasks to help retrieve a mysterious box and rescue a new animal. Developed with early childhood development experts, each task helps pre-schoolers build critical skills. With 160 different story lines possible, there’s always a new adventure for your child. I did sound design/music composition for the app suite.

Some highlights from the first week of launch:

– Reached top 100 rank in 7 different countries under the “educational games” category

– Downloads already in the 1000s in just a week and kids are returning to the app at a high rate day after day

– App featured by iTunes in the top 20 apps in 5 different categories/regions

Press: Here is an article about SmartyPAL from a couple of weeks back.

If you have kids in the 2-5 range (or know someone who does), please download the app here.

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