Ophelia’s Song – Official Lyrics & Credits Page is now available!

CLICK HERE to view “Ophelia’s Song – Official Lyrics & Credits”


  1. Means to an End
  2. Dear Danny (S.W.A.K.)
  3. Election Day in New York City
  4. 10,000 Times
  5. Ophelia’s Song

back cover - Ophelia's Song

Go to the store section of my website to order Ophelia’s Song – EP !

Harp.piano@gmail.com is PayPal verified

CDs will be ready to ship by the end of August!

Front Cover - Ophelia's Song - EP

If you live in the Philadelphia area and would prefer to pick up your copies rather than having CDs shipped to you, drop off an order form to me in person, and I will contact you when CDs are available for pick-up.
**Check out this preview video, featuring clips from all 5 songs on “Ophelia’s Song – EP.”** 

**Click here for a sneak peek at what the album looks like!**

Special thanks to

  • the band (Jay, Harry, and Steve),
  • co-lyricists (Hannah & Harry),
  • Studio Crash (Mike),
  • Disc Makers (Sean),
  • and graphic design (Will).

Please stay tuned for announcements regarding:

  • the EP becoming available for digital download and to stream through Internet radio

♫ please spread the word ♫

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